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Artificial Intelligence in The Modern World

Companies these days employ technologies that make customers complete their daily tasks with ease. These technologies aim to make the whole user process more convenient and efficient. One such technology that is growing in popularity is artificial intelligence (AI). 

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Machine learning applications

Artificial intelligence has massively changed the way customers can enhance their operations while gaining impeccable profits in their businesses. The technology continues to solve complex problems, produce quantifiable results, and overall reduce human labor in businesses. 

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As the use of artificial intelligence is soaring high in every industrial sector, one specific industry seems to increasingly use AI to improve workflow and increase efficiency. The agency industry has successfully incorporated AI to satisfy its customers by supplying data-based results. is one such AI agency that is dedicated to providing artificial intelligence-based services for your business. It focuses on various AI applications such as AI copywriting, AI research, and AI generated content, among others. 

Let us look at some of these AI applications, their features, and how each of them works. 

AI Content Generator

If you are a content marketer, then you know the number of hours you have to put in to create quality content. And when you have a limited amount of time with such high demand for content, you are sure to cut corners and hurriedly complete your work. 

Online search platforms like google have started using intelligent algorithms that list only the most relevant resources among their search engine results (SERPs). So how can you generate content that is relevant, creative, unique and ranks high on SERPs?The answer lies in trying out an AI content generator.

What is an AI Content Generator?

An artificial intelligence content generator is a computer program that takes existing content and produces new high-quality content. The tools used in the AI content generator helps in identifying keywords that enable the creation of new articles or new content.

Currently, AI generated content is often referred to as written content such as articles, blog posts, or social media posts. But, there is an increasing number of AI content generators used to create video and audio. An AI content is ready in a couple of minutes and produces faster results than any other software tool.

There is much AI-generated content that you can use to increase your business revenues. You can use the AI video generator to make interesting videos for your blog, an AI writer to increase the visibility of your website, or even an AI voice generator to add audio to your tutorials and so on. 

There are so many AI content tools available these days that you can pick whichever suits your business. We have discussed below what these AI applications are and how useful they are.

AI Video Generator

Making professional videos for your website can really boost your website’s visibility and bring more traffic. But, video editing is a laborious process, and if you want good results, then a lot of mind work is required.

 The good news is that when you use an AI video generator or create video AI content, much of the hard work is done by the computer. When you use an AI video benefit, you don’t need any editing application, equipment, or editing studio to create professional videos. All this work can be done with the help of an AI agency like

How does an AI video generator work?

Creating videos using an AI video generator is pretty simple. Here are the basic steps involved:

  • Input data

The first step is to input the data you want. It can be a text, link, blogs and anything else. The AI will scan the data and analyze it to produce the best results.

  • Video creation

The AI will look for related resources and try to find engaging and relevant information on the topic you’ve added.

  • Customize

Your video is ready now, and all you need to do is review and publish it. Some AI video generators may have a YouTube integration option that allows you to directly upload or publish your video on YouTube. You can choose to customize and preview your video before publishing it.

How to choose the best AI video generator?

  • Avatar options– AI video generators allow you to choose the avatar of your choice. Many of them come with an in-built avatar, but some enable you to create your own avatar. If you want a personalized avatar, choose a generator that gives you that option.
  • Language support- The capacity of every AI video generator to support different languages varies. If you want your content to reach a wider audience, choosing a generator that offers multiple languages is an added benefit.
  • User-friendly– if you are a beginner, you must choose an AI content generator that is beginner-friendly.
  • Price– Some AI video generators can be expensive, while some come at affordable prices. It is best to use their trial period to check if the software is worth it.

Why choose us?

Our AI video generator application gives you the most unique and creative professional videos needed for your business. Here are a few things that set us apart:

  • Large scale customizations

You can add any content you like, such as your social media posts or your e-commerce products, and we will turn them into professional videos. The best part is the range of customizations we provide our customers, and you can edit or customize the videos to fit your brand guidelines.

  • Personalized avatar option

You can choose your AI presenter from the array of built-in avatars we have for you. If you don’t like any, then don’t worry because we give you the option of creating or customizing your own avatar. You can make your training videos or promo videos adhere to your brand name and style by using an avatar of you or anyone from your company.

  • Multilingual support

You can create videos in more than 50+ languages through us. Duplicating the videos in different languages will boost audience engagement and increase website traffic.

  • Save time

You don’t have to be an editor software expert to create unique videos with us. In just a few clicks, you can create professional videos that stay true to your brand style. You simply have to type in your video script, choose an avatar, and your video is ready!

AI Writer

If you are a business owner or planning on starting one, you may not have time to write good content for your business. Truth be told, with so many businesses springing each day, your website may probably get lost in the hundreds of google search pages.

The business content must stay true to the purpose, be SEO optimized, and competitive enough for the market. So, how do you make unique and creative content when you are too busy handling other things? That’s when AI writer by comes into the picture! 

What is an AI Writer?

An AI writer is a software tool that uses artificial intelligence to write content based on the keyword or input you supply. It can write anything under the sun, and you won’t have to worry about the quality because everything is fact-based. 

AI writer has the ability to create killer slogans, headlines, blog topic ideas, brand names or even write full blog posts, and it makes writing a content blog post for your business very easy. But, don’t confuse AI writers with AI content generators because they are two different tools with different advantages. 

Features of an AI writer

  • Factually based

AI copywriters work on facts alone, and you don’t have to worry about cross-checking the facts in the content because AI writer produces error-free content. 

  • Non-biased content

Since AI copywriter writes content based on facts, it produces non-biased content. No matter the topic, it gathers facts and figures from everywhere on the web and writes content without an opinion. 

  • Checks plagiarism 

AI writers create content and check for plagiarism too. The AI-based algorithm detects any kind of plagiarized content and rectifies it. Along with plagiarism, it also checks the grammar, evaluates the readability of the text and more. 

  • Performs versatile tasks

AI copywriters can do them all from drafting ad campaigns to analyzing articles. The AI copywriters will understand the article, carry out research, and analyze the data for you. 

  • Saves time

Writing blog posts, summaries, or anything else with an AI writer can save a lot of your time. AI copywriting algorithm extracts all facts, writes key points and other related information from the web and creates content in a few minutes. If you take 2 hours to write a 2000 words article, then an AI writer can do that in just 3 minutes. 

  • Saves money

Paying content writers to write a huge amount of content can be very expensive. But, with an AI writer, you save money through yearly or monthly subscriptions. Hiring a professional AI agency for this purpose saves a lot of your time and money too. 

How does AI Copywriting work?

The process of using the AI copywriting tool is easy and quick. You simply need to follow the basic three steps given below and get your unique content ready in a few minutes. 

  • Choose the tool

There can be a number of AI tools present, so choose the copy AI writer tool. 

  • Input the words

Fill in the details of your content article. You can write a short description of what you want, the keywords required, and any other information you want the AI writer to know. 

  • Review content

You may not be required to even do this step because the content generated will be unique, creative and of good quality. 

Why pick our agency?

There’s no doubt that many other agencies may be offering AI writing services in the market. But, a few things set tech AI agency from the rest. Let us look at why you should choose us: 

  • SEO Optimized

SEO optimization makes your website more visible online. With increased visibility comes more traffic, and traffic drives revenue. Our AI writer creates SEO-optimized content, thus making sure that your content reaches the targeted audience. Our AI algorithm is designed to produce high SEO performance. 

  • Quality Research

Our copy AI writer generates quality content that will out-perform your competitors in the market. Our content comes with a list of verifiable citations that allows customers to verify the accuracy of the sources. 

  • Plagiarism-free

The AI writer at our agency only generates plagiarism-free articles. Along with plagiarism, it also checks Grammarly and other features that’ll increase the quality of your content. 

  • Versatile

Our GPT-3 AI language is the most powerful artificial intelligence right now. It is natural, creative and unique and produces articles in many different languages. 

Should you use an AI writer?

There are mixed reviews on whether one should use a copy AI writer to create blog posts or for any business purposes. It solely depends on you and if you think using the tool will serve the purpose, then go for it!

Some say that using AI writers can take away the human touch from blogging. But, again, the uniqueness, creativity and relevancy of the articles by an AI writer are unmatched. They also enable businesses to create big content in a short time. Therefore, it is a personal choice whether you should use an AI writer. 

Can AI generated content rank on Google?

Yes, if your blogpost content or article is fine-tuned to the ranking algorithm of Google, then your AI content will rank on Google. But, here’s the catch! Google has openly admitted that its ranking system doesn’t depend on the written content alone. 

There are several other factors such as backlinks, page speed, content friendliness, or mobile-friendliness that determine a website or page’s ranking. 

Therefore, while AI generated content is creative and unique, it needs the human touch for the website to rank higher on Google. It may score high on content quality but not on other factors mentioned above. 

Can Google detect AI-generated content?

Regardless of who writes the content, Google will track any spammy articles and penalize the website too. The main question here should be-is your AI generated content relevant, high-quality and authoritative?

Artificial intelligence can generate a huge number of words in just a few minutes, but it still needs a human touch to edit and publish it. In fact, it needs editing by humans to make it more relevant and engaging. While AI content generator produces creative and unique content, it still needs a human to edit and optimize the content. 

So, the answer to your question is no, and google does not have the algorithm to detect AI-generated content directly. However, since Google keeps changing its rules with time, there is a chance that it will start cracking down AI-generated content in the future. But, as long as a human edits and maintains the relevancy of the content, it is good to go!

What are the advantages of using AI content?

Using AI content for your business comes with a host of advantages. While AI generated content still needs a human to edit the content, it still is a growing tool that drastically increases efficiency at business. Some of its advantages are mentioned below: 

  • As a starting point

We all know what writer’s block means and how a human’s creativity can come to a halt after a stressful day. AI content can be used as the first draft to get you started. AI should be seen as a tool that enables you to create product-quality content. 

You can input any topic you like and allow the software to generate content that is factual and unique. Thereafter, you can use that structure as your base and create your own creative content around it. 

It is better if you generate short content (about 200-300 words) to maintain the relevancy of the topic. You can keep changing the input to suit your content needs. 

  • Create a test website to check its performance

AI content can be successfully used for web testing, which helps in determining if the website has any potential bugs before it is made accessible. It can fill a site that does not care about its content being unbiased or having unique conclusions. 

  • To write ad copy

AI content generators work best for creating slogans, one-liners, or short content. Therefore, it is a great tool to write interesting ad copies. 

 AI Content Marketing

Content marketing involves a series of tedious tasks that not only requires a tremendous amount of research but can also be boring at times. Imagine the number of hours spent collecting data, reviewing it, analyzing and optimizing all information. And with the increase in IoT devices and social networks, the tasks only get bigger. 

But things took a positive turn with the advent of artificial intelligence, AI in content marketing has been increasingly used for business growth and improving ROI. By using AI content marketing tools, content marketers can conduct extensive research, analyze data and study their target audience. 

AI content marketing not only improves business marketing strategies but also takes boring work off the hands of humans. Some of the benefits of using AI content marketing are:

  • Personalized and targeted content

Content personalization is key to keeping your brand relevant to the customer. It is one of the top priorities of content marketers because it is the way to keep customers engaged with the brand. With the help of AI, businesses can make personalized content more feasible, allowing markets to track and analyze what their customers are interested in. 

The use of machine learning helps content marketers in studying consumer behavior, tracking their preferences, and analyzing the data. Such a system allows them to create each customer’s profile and generate data that customers are most likely to engage and interact with. 

In fact, marketers are even using AI to send personalized emails to their audience. Some AI tools offer highly personalized content that grabs the customer’s attention and receives a response. 

  • Better user experience with chatbots

Chatbots are a lifesaver when you visit any website. They offer a 24/7 service to deal with any kind of questions that customers may throw at them. The use of AI in chatbots uses machine learning, artificial intelligence and natural language processing to have a human-like interaction or chats with customers. 

AI chatbots are available 24/7, and they provide great customer support. These days, even social networking sites such as Facebook are using chatbots to engage better with users. There are two advantages of using AI chatbots in businesses-

AI chatbots have the ability to extract consumer data through daily conversations. 

Such data allows markets to make data-driven marketing decisions. They enhance the user experience by making it more fun and engaging. It acts as a grievance redressal system for daily users. 

  • Predictive Analytics

Trying to understand consumer behaviors is not easy, but an important step in content marketing strategy. But thankfully, with the help of predictive analytics, marketers can look into consumers’ past data patterns, their behavior and statistics. 

When predictive analytics is coupled with AI, it helps in analyzing the collected data, studying the pattern and making informed content strategies based on it. Businesses can identify their target audience and create content that is valuable at every stage of a user’s experience journey. 

  • Offers topic generation

You know how important it is to have a blog for your business and, more importantly, to write content that is relevant and engaging. So, how do you do that when you don’t know which topics are trending or the topics that’ll grab your target audience’s attention. 

Well, with AI, you don’t have to worry about finding topics. AI uses predictive analytics to analyze data and produce topics that seem most relevant to a customer’s profile. 

  • Automated content generation

Businesses need to keep up with the growing demand for content these days. This may not be possible if you don’t have an AI tool to help you. Many marketers in the e-commerce or insurance are switching to using AI-based content creation. 

It uses the help of NLG (Natural Language Generation), which helps in creating unique content on any topic. Itallows your business to grow without the need to manually reply to every email. 

The software will analyze recent Google trends and analytics and recommend content ideas that are currently trending. It will produce content that is SEO optimized, relevant and creative. 

  • Data-driven strategy

It is not an easy process to research and analyze the data available to every user. While such analysis is necessary for business profits, carrying them out is a daunting task. But, with the help of AI, content marketers can analyze the data and create content that is personalized and adjusted to every customer’s needs. 

AI also helps in analyzing data quicker, thus giving more time to marketers to develop strategies based on those data. It provides an easier mechanism for content marketers to research, analyze, and create. 

  • Content scoring

AI tools help you in scoring your own content, thus giving you an idea of how you can improve your content. It helps you keep track of your previous content and work towards creating better content that resonates with the targeted audience. 

Ai can help studios to improve the quality of cinema produced and ensure better box-office returns.

How can AI affect the movie industry?

AI has found its place in the movie industry, too and is making the industry more interesting. Here are the few days AI is impacting the industry. 

  • Writing scripts

Using computers for script writing is gaining prominence. Artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning can be utilized to write new scripts or write synopsis and character names for already released movies.

 It can also be used to analyze, understand and sort the story in a book, which in turn can come up with its own version of a script of the important events of the story.AI can be used to analyze individual scripts, to help save time and resources.

  • Pre-Production Simplification

AI can streamline pre-production processes by scheduling shoots, analyzing data available for actors and planning accordingly.

Through machine learning, it can recognize locations described in the scripts and screenplay or make suggestions to real-world locations avoiding the time spent in scouting locations and principal photography.

  • Casting actors

AI can help producers and casting directors to choose the right actors. AI algorithms can be used to analyze past performances of the actors, regions where their movies were a hit and where the actors have a huge fan following. This will aid in planning promotions and marketing campaigning.

The technology can also be used to add actors in movies digitally or shoot scenes of the actors posthumously or de-age actors. It eliminates the need for multiple actors and retains the authenticity of the character.

  • Composing Music

AI can analyze different compositions, recognize patterns or learn patterns to make music more enjoyable. In turn, it can create new musical patterns based on the data or create templates for background scores based on the situation or the genre required.

  • Editing  Movies

AI can be used to create trailers for movies. AI can understand areas of high action or emotions and can be used to highlight them.

AIcan help identify main characters with facial recognition technology and help sort out scenes for human editors. This cuts downtime spent in editing.

  • Promos

AI can be used in promotions of movies where it can analyze audience base, hype and actor’s popularity. Then marketing campaigns can be planned accordingly. 

Ai can be used to market directly to individuals based on their likings; They can utilize an individual’s public data from social media sites and create personalized, targeted ads.

AI in the gaming world

AI can be used to enhance the playing experience in games by:

  • Algorithms playing as NPCs

Pre-Scripted NPCs (Non-Playable-Characters) will be a thing of the past. NPCs will get smarter and respond in unique ways based on your actions within the game. NPCs can also be used to mimic certain characters, such as a famous sports personality for you to play against. Their signature moves, mannerisms and behavior would be like the personalities they are modeled after.

This will also drastically decrease the development time as less time would be spent on behavioral coding patterns for NPCs.

  • Modeling Complex Systems

AI can be used to model complex systems. Games will become more immersive and realistic, and machine learning will help render images more beautifully and give finer details.

With AI, world creation will be generated automatically, massive open-world maps that require exploration and generate pathfinding for NPCs without humans coding the NPCs, further cutting down development time.

  • More Realistic Interactions

A major challenge in building a real-world is how players interact with friendly NPCs. Scripted NPCs are limited in scope and interactions. With AI, you could probably talk to NPCs like talking to Siri, Alexa, etc.copy ai

Incorporated VR will detect player body language and intention, further enhancing the experience of interacting with NPCs. With machine learning, NPCs would learn player tactics and use them themselves. 

Another facet that would see tremendous change would be in how NPCs interact with each other. With different personalities and with simulated empathy and aggression, it would be far easier to a bustling city, where NPCs interact with each other, oblivious to the player’s actions.

How will artificial intelligence impact the future?

Artificial intelligence is ready to become the main component of many emerging technologies such as the Internet of things, robotics and big data. It is a revolutionary field of computer science that is affecting every major industry in the world, and it is going to be the main innovator in the years to come. 

So, a common question people ask is, will robots soon rule the world? Humans have created artificial intelligence to make machines perform human-like tasks. Today, you’ll hear self-driving cars and chess-playing computers that use AI. It’s hard to ignore the impact of artificial intelligence in our present lives. They might take charge and have the same rights as humans in the future. 

To understand that better, let us look into some of the major industries where AI can have a major impact in the future.

  • Transportation

 Earlier, people relied on carts for commuting. Later, there was a growth in the transport industry, and they invented bicycles, trains, aircraft and motor cars. Today, an evolution took place in the transport sector where vehicles move without human intervention. 

Researchers are working every day to apply machine learning and AI to improve the on-time performance of automobiles, reduce workload, and handle pilot stress. 

Much work needs to be done, but artificial intelligence will soon change the transport sector. It might take a decade, but one-day autonomous cars will take you from one place to another and make traffic smoother.

  • Manufacturing

Artificial intelligence in manufacturing involves the use of technology to robotize complex tasks, humans working along with robots, and easing workflows. The use of predictive analytics helps in keeping the equipment running smoothly in the manufacturing processes. 

Major automation companies have already integrated AI deeply into their manufacturing system. For example, BMW recently introduced its Al application to anonymize images for inspections and quality checks. Such AI interventions offer a high level of robustness in manufacturing.

  • Healthcare

The use of AI in healthcare is to improve the experience and informed decisions with data. AI has helped the healthcare industry in better drug delivery, accurate diagnosis of cases, and quick drug discovery. Though it is still in the nascent stage, it has streamlined the process of virtual medical treatment in the sector. 

AI-enabled health organizations have access to vast data in the form of health records, population data, clinical trial data and claims data. The benefit of AI in healthcare includes increasing efficiency in operations by enhancing patient engagement with quicker service delivery. 

  • Robots

The use of artificial intelligence in robots has become very common. Artificial intelligence and robots go hand in hand and have solved a lot of problems. AI robots help in completing complex tasks where humans’ minds are prone to make errors. 

Robots have become a boon in industries that run on tedious tasks such as packaging and stacking, and it has enabled such operations to be more accurate and quicker. They are also used in other things like customer services, allowing the robots to interact with humans more naturally.

Robots are also expected to be in great demand in the healthcare industry. The use of robots for surgical operations is already happening around the world, and one advantage is eliminating human error when performing such complicated surgeries. Robots are also likely to interact with patients as doctors and diagnose diseases. 

  • Education

An education powered by AI brings new solutions in teaching and learning. Virtual tutors can help teachers in the facial analysis of students to better understand their emotions. The virtual assistants can determine if the students are bored or need some other kind of stimulation process.   

The robots do not replace the teacher as such but use AI to help students and teachers and make the education system more effective and better.

  • Gaming

Artificial intelligence in gaming has been there for a while. It features genres like shooting, racing games and strategy. The beneficial use of AI in gaming is the realistic experience of a technology. In the future,  AI holds promises to bring more enjoyable experiences and more interactivity to video games.

  • Agriculture

The agriculture industry uses AI to help monitor soil, yield healthier crops, pest control and manage data for farmers. It will help farmers analyze the optimum growing conditions of crops and improve a variety of agricultural-related tasks. 

With the increasing population and change in climate conditions, it gets difficult for farmers to sow seeds at the right time. With the help of AI, farmers can examine the weather conditions using a weather forecast and make informed decisions on when is the right time to sow the seeds or harvest the crops. 

  • E-commerce

Artificial intelligence is going to have a big impact on the e-commerce industry very soon. It will enable customers to have a better user experience with personalized shopping and more refined search results. 

It will affect every operational stage of the industry, right from automated warehouse, to marketing and distribution. AI chatbots will engage customers and allow a smoother shopping experience. 

  • Employment

AI-led employment process has brought in more transparency and quicker results. Research shows that more than 75% of resumes are rejected by AI tracking software before they even reach a human. 

Using an AI-based resume tracking system allows recruiters to filter out any resume that doesn’t fit the criteria. It has lessened the workload on recruiters by manifold. In the future, most of the job may be driven by AI-enabled applications that take interviews, makes calls and more. 

  • Cybersecurity

The use of AI in cybersecurity has been at the forefront for quite some time now. Because the world has become increasingly virtual, the threats of cyber-attacks are more relevant than ever. 

AI in cybersecurity will help in identifying cyberattacks and predicting any incoming threats. Since AI works on data collection and analyses, it will help in giving greater security in financial transactions. It will enable quick identification of frauds and faster grievance redressal.


AI is here to stay, and for a very long time, in fact. As big corporates and businesses are beginning to understand the value AI applications add to their revenues, more research is encouraged in the field. From content creation to content marketing, AI is prevalent in all services, and it has become an invaluable content marketing resource. 

There is still much that needs research in AI to refine the system; however, it continues to help businesses make profits with greater ROI. 

An AI agency like ours strives to offer customers the latest AI applications there are that can promote your business and make the process more efficient. We are more affordable than most other agencies in the market with many years of skilled experience in the field.